All that Glitters…

Hello Beautiful!

Happy Hump Day!  Today is a funky day.  Nothing seems perfect for me for the perfectionist in me.  My list at work was forever long, took me forever to do just one design.  I woke up with a headache and just in general ached.  And I am very behind on getting back to people about their Avon orders!  I promise I will get to you by tomorrow!

On a happy note, I redid my nails.  I get bored very easily with looking at the same all day.  [I type a lot so I do get bored with looking at the same thing, or maybe that is just my ADD kicking in.] Plus, I did need something to compliment my new Avon deal of the day ring!

What you will need:

  • Electrical Tape
  • Loose Glitter
  • Top Coat & Base Coat
  • Avon Nailwear Pro Night Violet


  • Paint your nails with base coat
  • Let nails dry
  • Take electrical tape and put where you want your straight lines to be. [I went half way down my nails. And ring finger I left with no tape]
  • Paint Night Violet on the non-taped part
  • Let nails become tacky and roll in loose glitter
  • Remove Tape
  • Let dry fully, then paint clear coat on just the tips.
  • After that top coat dries paint the whole nail with top coat.
  • KA-POW! Your nails are done!

Note: Let me know if you guys do this one.  It is very fun, but have patience on this one!  I do not have much of that, but some how I managed to get through it.  Trust me, you can do it!

Remember, you are beautiful!

La La Lesley 

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