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Wanted : Drag Queens

Hello Beautiful!

I need your help!  I am looking for drag queens if you are one and buy makeup from me I will give you great discounts!  You will not be disappointed!  Even if you recommend drag queens and they do purchase some Avon, I will give you a discount as well!  I am generous! I promise and you will not be disappointed!


Why not join in the fun and look good while having fun!  Visit my personal shop at or send me an email at

Remember, you are beautiful!

La La Lesley

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Gluten Free

Hello Beautiful!

Are you allergic to Gluten and need skin care products?  Avon has skin care products that you or your loved ones could use! One in 133 Americans have celiac disease and are allergic to Gluten.

Here is a list of skincare products that you can get your loved ones if you are worried!

Gluten Free Avon Skin Care Products

  • Anew Rejuvenate Night CreamAnew Reversalist Night Cream
  • Anew Reversalist Eye Cream
  • Anew Reversalist Renewal Serum
  • Anew Ultimate Age Repair Day Cream
  • Anew Ultimate Night Cream <br>Anew Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion
  • Solutions Nurtura Replenishing Cream
  • Solutions Vanishing Cream
  • Dramatic Firming Cream
  • Ageless Results Line Filler

Don’t forget to check out my Avon site at  And mention gluten with your order I will give you a 10% discount off any skincare product! Order day is Friday, April 20 at noon!  Let me know what you would like!

Remember you are beautiful,

La La Lesley

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Flawless Skin

Hello Beautiful!

Do you have wrinkles you want to get rid of, bags under your eyes or crows feet? Here is a guide to find the right skin/face cream for you!

To find out which regimen is right for you is fast and easy! {two things we like – fast and easy} Just check the signs of aging that best describe your skin.  The one with the most check marks is the one that will best fit your skin!  And don’t forget to try the Anew Genics eye cream to help get rid of those bags!

If you want better help finding out what to get, take the skincare quiz on my site.  Here it will give you a more detailed regimen! 


When you buy the Anew Genics Eye Treatment you get the Night Cream for $20! Helps you save $18!

Skin Care Deals:

  • Anew PLATINUM and REVERSALIST are buy one get one for $12.
  • Anew REJUVENATE and CLINICAL are buy one get one for $5.
  • Anew ULTIMATE is buy one get one for $15.
  • All-in-one 2 week kits with full-sized eye cream are $25 each. Afraid to commit to regimen, try a 2 week kit!

Also, if you are interested in the butler bag for $19.99 the skin care goes toward the discount on the bag! Why not treat yourself, your mom, your grandma or even your wife?

Don’t forget to check my catalog out at  And if you have any questions, please contact me on facebook or at


Remember, you are beautiful!

La La Lesley

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Dogs So Soft

Hello Beautiful!


Enjoying the sunshine? I sure am!  Nothing makes me feel better than a little bit of sun.  But there is one thing I hate, when my dogs come in after they rolled in some stank!  I have three beautiful dogs that just like to get in trouble and today was one of them.  My littlest one, Sophie, a miniature weeny came in with something on here.  This meant it was bath time!  Besides of just washing her, I decided just to wash the two golden girls!

I know you are all wondering what my dogs have to do with this Avon blog, but they are no part of my Avon customers.  Today I decided to use Skin So Soft on them!  I read that you could use it on dogs, so I tried it.  They are now living stuffed animals!  So soft and cuddly!

Here are the steps I took:

  • Get your dog/pet wet
  • Spray SSS Bath Oil on them
  • Rub SS Bath Oil
  • Apply SSS Shower Gel
  • Lather Shower Gel
  • Rinse
  • Dry
  • Cuddle

Not only are they cuddly, but they are so damn soft!  Next time I wash my dog, they will be getting pampered just like me.

Why not try this today?  Image

In campaign 8, A 16.9 fl oz bottle of Skin So Soft Bath Oil is only $6.99.  That is $6 dollars cheaper than it normally is.  It is also, only $.99 more than the 5 fl oz bottle!  Why not try it?  Also, I had posted a list of other things you can do with your bath oil!  It is multifunctional and it can be used for household chores to cleaning your vehicle and your pets!

Don’t forget, direct orders are tax free this campaign!  And if you spend $50 or more you will get an extra 10% off when you mention Dog So Soft Blog Entry!

Remember, you are beautiful!

La La Lesley

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Smooth Shaven

Hello Beautiful!

I am reporting to you with something I tried yesterday to see if it worked! I hate shaving my legs and them being all dry and stubbly.  So yesterday when I was in the shower I decided to put Skin So Soft Bath Oil on before my shaving cream and it made my legs nice and soft and made shaving easier! It left me with no razor burn, which I am the queen of!  And today my legs are still soft!

In campaign 8, A 16.9 fl oz bottle of Skin So Soft is only $6.99.  That is $6 dollars cheaper than it normally is.  It is also, only $.99 more than the 5 fl oz bottle!  Why not try it?  Also, I had posted a list of other things you can do with your bath oil!  It is multifunctional and it can be used for household chores to cleaning your vehicle and your pets!

Don’t forget, direct orders are tax free this campaign! Check it out!

Remember, you are beautiful!

La La Lesley

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101 Uses for Skin So Soft Bath Oil

Hello Beautiful!

Here are some ways to use Skin So Soft Bath Oil!

Scroll all the way down for deals on the Bath Oil!


  • Bath Oil and after shower moisturizer
  • Eye makeup remover
  • Massage oil
  • Mild insect repellent
  • Relieves itchy skin due to dryness
  • Cleans off tape marks left on skin from bandages
  • Cleans ink off skin
  • Cleans grease and oil off skin
  • Removes paint from hands (better than turpentine)
  • Soothes light sunburn
  • Rub hands with it before washing, hands are cleaner
  • Put 1-2 cap full in LIQUID SOAP and use it for shaving legs and under arms. Razor glides with no razor burn
  • Pour a little into your Feet Soaker, helps feet relax
  • Removes chewing gum from hair, skin and most non-pourus surfaces
  • Original Scent works GREAT on Head Lice! Saturate head and keep it on for 15 minutes. These rinse under anOUTDOOR faucet. LICE ARE GONE! You will need to wash the hair a number of times to remove the oiliness, but lice are gone!


  • Use towlettes around window and doors – keep bugs out
  • Kills ants instantly
  • Cleans ink off rubber stamps
  • Wood cleaner and conditioner for cabinets and furniture
  • Removes glue and gum left from price tags and labels from glass, metals and most plastics.
  •  Removes soap scum from shower doors, curtains, bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  •  Removes lime and water deposits from fixtures, tile, shower doors and windows
  •  Oil lubricant for fitting pipe joints that wont slip together
  •  Cleans ink off most vinyl painted surfaces
  •  Takes fur and animal hair off of clothing
  •  Removes crayon markings from appliances and most surfaces
  •  Clean and conditions leather
  •  Use it on the air conditioner filter. Your incoming air will smell fresher and the filter will be easier to clean in the future
  •  Cleans paint brushes and keeps them looking like new
  •  Removes gum from carpets
  •  Removes scuff marks from leather shoes
  •  Removes “ring around the collar”
  •  Removes candle wax from furniture, carpets and clothing
  •  HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS: To deter bees – try rubbing SSS on the feeder surface
  •  Great Furniture polish
  •  Put SSS in one of the bottles you attach to your backyard hose and spray your entire backyard. Will cut down on ants and other creepy crawlies and flying bugs
  •  Spray on flowerbeds to keep deer from eating the blooms
  •  Kills spiders
  •  It’s a fabric softener in the wash


  • Great insect repellent for your pet (As recommended in “Outdoor Life” and “Field and Stream”)
  •  Mix 5 parts water, 1 part SSS and mist on animals. Brushing is easier and coat will “gleam”
  •  Mix in pet’s bath water for flea removal
  •  Rub on your hands before and after working with your pets and farm animals. It will remove the strong “odor”
  •  For DOG DRY SKIN: 1 Tablespoon of SSS per gallon of water and use as an after bath rinse, or spritz your dogs coat once a week
  •  Tar and asphalt removal on pads of animals feet
  •  FLEA REPELLANT: 1 1/2oz of SSS per gallon of water – sponge dip or spritz.
  •  FLEA BATH: use after shampooing with a FLEA AND TICK SHAMPOO (your choice of brand)
  •  BLACK FLY SPRAY: 1 cup SSS, 1/2 cup liquid detergent and 3 gallons of water
  •  Hoof polisher without drying
  •  Muzzle, eye and ear enhancer


    • Removes tar spots from car without damaging the paint
    • Clean and moisturize all the vinyl in the automobile
    • After washing, spray on tires for a conditioner and shine
    • Put some on a small washcloth and leave in the car – keeps air fresh and clean
    • Cleans Mechanics Hands
    • Removes tree sap
    • Prior to traveling, rub SSS on headlights and car grill – makes cleaning easier
Note: You can get a 24 oz bottle for $16 [504-432], a 16.9 oz bottle for $13 [504-322], or a 5 oz spray bottle for $3.99 originally $6 [504-504]. If you would like a hot deal you could order the Skin So Soft Original Package.  In the package you get 1- 5 oz Bath Oil Spray, 2- Replenishing Body Lotions and 2- Moisturizing Shower Gels.  This is a $34 value for $12.99.  You save $21.01!  [349-126] Let me know if you are interested!  Order day is Thursday, January 26 at 11.59pm. Or Midnight!

Remember, you are beautiful!

La La Lesley 

Hello Beautiful!

Hello Beautiful!

My name is Lesley and I am an Avon lady! Let me tell you a little about myself and what I plan to do with this blog!

I am from a town called Wadsworth; it is about 35 miles away from Cleveland and a couple miles short of that from Akron.  I live with my mom, who is my best friend.  And I have brother that just got his PhD in nanotechnology in June of 2011.  It is just us three now, but somehow we all get along and admire each other in a way that others probably do not understand.

I am a freelance photographer and graphic designer and absolutely love it.  My clients inspire me in more ways than just one.  I wake up and think how can I impress them more than I did the day before.  And this is all where the Avon comes into play.

A great and dear friend of mine (also a great photographer) came to me and asked if I was interested in selling Avon.  I thought awesome I can get good discounts on my make-up.  Then as I started getting into it, I loved it more.  I am now considering going to cosmetology school to become a make-up artist then maybe going back to get my masters in photography.

I searched the web and found out that now is not a good time for me to go back to school. This pushed me to educate myself.  I read more tutorials than books I read in college.  And that of course lead to this blog that I am sitting here writing now.

I hope to take what I learned and educate you.  You guys are my audience and I hope you guys will inspire me and motivate me more than you already do.  I will also, critique, review and sell my Avon products with all of you.

Enjoy the blog and remember you are beautiful!


La La Lesley

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