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Wanted : Drag Queens

Hello Beautiful!

I need your help!  I am looking for drag queens if you are one and buy makeup from me I will give you great discounts!  You will not be disappointed!  Even if you recommend drag queens and they do purchase some Avon, I will give you a discount as well!  I am generous! I promise and you will not be disappointed!


Why not join in the fun and look good while having fun!  Visit my personal shop at http://www.youravon.com/lesleyannek or send me an email at avon@lesleyannek.com.

Remember, you are beautiful!

La La Lesley

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Pretty in Pink

Hello Beautiful! My first official post and I am excited!!

What you will need:

  • mark. Fuschia-isitic
  • Avon Nailwear Pro Viva Pink
  • Electrical Tape
  • Top Coat & Base Coat [I didn’t use this because I just ordered mine]


Photos were taking with my iPhone!  And I did remove the extra nailpolish off my finger.   


  • Paint your nails with Viva Pink
  • Let nails dry
  • Take electrical tape and put where you want your straight lines to be. [I went from bottom corner to top corner diagonally. On Ring Finger I flipped the diagonal.]
  • Paint Fuschia-isitic on the non-taped part
  • Let dry and remove tape!
  • POW! Your nails are done
NOTE: If using a base coat and/or a top coat there will be extra steps.  Make sure they are completely dry before applying new or different polish.  If tacky it will make your nails smudgy or dented if you hit them on something.
Remember you are beautiful!

La La Lesley
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